A Present-Moment Yoga Minute– invoking Sa Ta Na Ma

Some days we feel like life is just too much to bear. We ask ourselves— When is this going to end? When will things feel better, get better, when will I feel like myself again?

Today my intuitive voice whispered this to me:

You are in a wonderful place. Break-throughs not break-up’s.
Holding space
for the darkness and the light are the same,
you just judge one as better than the other.

JoanAltarBali copyI feel what makes us divine human beings is–
not what we hold in the moments of great joy and light,
but in the moments of extreme darkness.
How we plant ourselves in the arms of our faith,
our trust and our commitment to be the Light,
for ourselves and for others
even when it is not easy,
when it sucks and it turns everything over in our lives
for us to dissect and distill down to the very core–
what works and what does not:
thereby allowing for renewal and rebirth to unfold.

In kundalini yoga there is a beautiful mantra that we chant that helps embody the glory of the processes of life as it is –Sa Ta Na Ma — the syllables of which mean I am birth, life, death and rebirth. This is what life is. We are all in the Sa Ta Na Ma journey together. Doing our best to see our lives as a holy process. Sacred moments linked together not only in joy– but in pain of our own separation from the oneness.

Be here now. Be present, stand firmly and enjoy the pain, the sorrow, the ugliness, the sacrifice, and then wait for the light–for it will come. It has to. For a spiritual promise is upon all of us. The light is on its way.

Be here now. Let your life get messy, let your self embody all of life’s cycles and seasons and enjoy the process of living. We are all part of the Sa Ta Na Ma.

Sat Nam,

Brrr… It’s Cold Outside! — Vital Energy To the Rescue.

The transition from Winter to not-yet-Spring is the time of the year where we find ourselves coming down with colds and flu-like symptoms, if we have not taken care of ourselves; and when life stresses have just taken a toll on us. Whenever your body needs aromatic support our hope is that you will snuggle in, stay warm and use a little bit of aromatic alchemy from our Aroma*Essentials apothecary to assist in keeping your body, mind and spirit feeling uplifted, energized and healthy.

Our Aroma*Vital Energy blend is our emergency care synergy that brings relief and support when your body, mind and spirit need some Tender Loving Care.

It is rich in essential oils that will help support the immune system and ward off viruses that may be lingering in the air and attacking the body.

Aroma*Vital Energy contains cinnamon, clove, eucalyptus radiata, oregano, saro, rosemary and a few more energy balancing oils to help your system come into harmony and balance.

As you need aromatic support during the winter months here are some ways Aroma*Vital Energy can support you:

Diffuser— Place a few drops in your diffuser and allow the essential oils to begin to help you breathe deeper and feel more centered.

Inhaler— Place a few drops on a blank inhaler and use as needed throughout the day.

Room Mist— Place a few drops of Aroma*Vital Energy in a spray bottle mister, in some Peppermint, Eucalyptus or Lavender Hydrosol, along with some distilled water, and shake well. Spritz to refresh, by way of clearing your environment and uplifting your energy field, during the day.

Foot Rub/Soak— Make a foot soak blend by placing a few drops of Aroma*Vital Energy in a tablespoon of carrier oil and gently massage into your feet, and then put some warm socks on; or rub onto the feel and soak your feet in some hot water– allowing the essential oils to penetrate more deeply into your body.

Body blend— You can also make a body blend by adding a few drops of the Aroma*Vital Energy Synergy to some carrier oil and massaging it up the spine, pads of feet, neck, chest and back area, then soaking in a tub. Drying brushing the skin first will help the oils quickly into the system.

I personally like to use the Aroma*Vital Energy in the shower. I dry brush my skin, apply the Aroma*Vital Energy body blend and then let the hot water help it to penetrate more deeply into my skin. After my shower I re-apply the body blend so it can support me during the day.

Aroma*Vital Energy: one of the more important of the Aroma*Essentials to have in your apothecary cabinet this winter…

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