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Purveyors of inspiring and award-winning words and pictures. Award-winning documentaries and instructional videos. Featuring: A Slice of Life: Carousels, The Spirit of 66 (Route 66), and Change Your Handwriting, Create Your Future: 40 Days to Accessing Your Dreams! From David Bartholomew, originator of the One World Flag. Please visit www.hyphenate.org for more information.

A Slice of Life: Carousels DVD

Saddle up Some Real Horsepower!

Operating from the premise that everyone has an appealing story to tell if we just listen, A Slice of Life takes pride in bringing to the living rooms of America, insight into the unique characters whom we call neighbors.

This pilot episode on Carousels, brings us the wonderful recollections of a first ride on the merry-go-round from impassioned collectors; stories of the subtle nuances and strokes of genius of the master carvers by their modern-day descendants; and tales of exciting discoveries of missing pieces and information by historians and afficionados alike. The accent is on personal anecdote over dry fact; letting the experts tell their own stories; and creating an overall texture that, at the end of each program, leaves the viewer with a true feeling for this particular Slice of Life.

A Slice of Life: Carousels has been declared by enthusiasts as the most complete video ever offered on these magical machines and animated animals; and heralded for its compassion and many touching moments. Some highlights include: *a detailed look at 8 carousels. *private collections. *carvers/collectors/restorers. *a convention. *a record-setting auction. *and most importantly– intimate, revealing conversations and recollections, of novices and experts alike, on this subject that keeps them youthful in their outlook on life; and hopeful for man’s continued ability to create.

*60 min., DVD (NTSC)
*Winner: Best Documentary/Best Interview, Houston Int’l Film Festival, Gold Telly Award.
*“… the most complete video offered on these magical machines.”


Price: $20.00

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Change Your Handwriting, Create Your Future: 40 Days to Accessing Your Dreams! DVD

“The Vimala Rodgers system is one of the most powerful modalities for life change you will ever experience.”

What Does Your Handwriting Say About You?

Vimala Rodgers’ Change Your Handwriting, Create Your Future: 40 Days to Accessing Your Dreams!

We all have a very special reason for being here. We also have unique abilities and talents that can make a difference in the lives of others. Many of us, however, are out of touch with our uniqueness, and our purpose in life. Handwriting is a graphic representation of who we are and how we express our gifts. It also indicates where they are hidden. Vimala Rodgers is an educator, motivational speaker, author and Director of the Institute of Integral Handwriting Studies. Let her show you how to alter your handwriting in order to access your hidden dreams and reveal the person you’ve been hiding all these years, the person you’ve always wanted to be in life, the gifted person you really are. This 90-minute course details a 40-day process of practicing *specific changes to help you reach your goals. It includes: *the Vimala Rodgers Handwriting System of letter formations that give you the ability to: *communicate clearly *gently release the effects of the past *acknowledge your self worth *be self reliant, and *design a future based on the real you. Practicing your new writing changes will quickly become a treasured part of your day. The pen is in your hand!

* 90 min., DVD, NTSC
* “clear, direct, and simple”


Price: $25.00

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The Spirit of 66: Route 66 DVD

Get the Show on the Road!

The pilot episode of a proposed 10-part series to eventually cover the entire route, The Spirit of 66 focuses on the natives along the way– their stories, recollections, tall tales, anecdotes, and folklore; as well as on the experiences of those who have been drawn here on their own personal, sometimes spiritual, quests. Highlights include: *Bobby Troup as you’ve never seen him– singing his own version of Get your Kicks (on Route 66), resurrecting memories, and winding through treelined asphalt streets behind the wheel of a ’41 Buick convertible. *over 200 proud hometown folks “… standin’ on a corner in Winslow, Arizona…” singing along to Jackson Browne’s Take it Easy, the song that put them on the map. *an historic first look at the caves of Two Guns, Arizona, battleground of Navajo and Apache… the spirit of whom, no doubt, perpetuate the lore of this eery place. *and chats with people along the way… in cafe booths and barber chairs, from behind the wheels of vintage cars, or atop glittery soda fountain stools… historians, longtime residents, and curious newcomers alike– all sharing a spirit of adventure, a hearty appetite, and the value of a good story.

*50 min., DVD, NTSC
*Winner: Silver Award/News and Documentary Directing, Houston Int’l Film Festival
*“Hands down, the best program on Route 66 that I’ve seen!”— Bobby Troup


Price: $20.00

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