“I Am What a Goddess Looks Like” T-Shirt

BMessengerFrom the B the Messenger Goddess clothing line. This is the one that started it all: a powerful statement to everyone that-- the Divine Feminine comes in all colors, shapes and sizes.  I see every woman-- that means YOU!-- as a  powerful goddess-- displaying this in her own unique manner. Read More

Forget the magazines and all of the advertising world's wily ways to make us question ourselves and fear stepping into our own power. Just making such a simple statement as this your own... can change the world. Say it, live it, breathe it until you truly believe it, and live into it. This is the world I wish to see unfolding.

You might be surprised at how exposed one can feel in first walking out in public displaying this simple slogan. It might not initially feel safe to step out from a comfort zone of living smaller and conforming to lower expectations of what it is to be a woman in this world. But here is an act of power you can take now, in full knowledge that there is a whole, growing circle of sisters standing with you.

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