We are proud to announce-- Skukran-- designed as a tribute to the grace, kindness, and alchemy that was received on our sacred journey to Egypt. Shukran has been created to honor all the acts of kindness and grace that were given to us as we traveled as pilgrims to this land so rich in alchemy, mystery, and fragrant lore. It holds the alchemy of kindness, as we were treated like royalty and Queens of America.

Her name is Shukran-- which means thank you in Arabic. Shukran Alkimi. The alchemy of kindness, grace and the power of thank you. From the Temple of Isis, the sacred waters of the Nile, the fragrance of the blue lotus, to the great temple of Giza and the Akashic records of the Sphinx... we say thank you. Contains: Frankincense, amber, palo santo, cedarwood, jasmine, magnolia, lily, lotus, sandalwood, mango, and more.

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