I believe in the expression “Beauty is a necessity not a luxury”, and that the goal and sacred intention
to aspire to is— to walk the path of beauty in all aspects of life.

As such, I strive for there to be no separation between who I am, what I do, and the space in which I live and work.

My life has been an eclectic collection of experiences, each taking me to new levels of creativity. Even out of the stumbling and falling that can occur, I have, ultimately, grown to believe in the goodness and beauty in every experience on our path— those that “grow us” and those which “we grow”.

This website is an expression of some of these creative journeys. You will see how they continue to intertwine with each other much as vines in the forest. I hope you will explore, find things to inspire you along your own path, and please come back often!

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Walking the Path of Mary Magdalene, a Pilgrimage Through France– Celebrating Her Feast Day and Working With Her Goddess Mystery School Teachings, 2024 (dates to come)

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