Essential Oils, Aromatic Hydrosols, Botanical Tinctures

ExoticOrangePurplishFlower-E7FS9747My muses have come in the form of nature’s bounty:  essential oils— sacred waters– be they aromatic hydrosols, tinctures, flower essences… or the highest quality carrier oils in which to blend them.

Our line offers over 350 different essential oils and exotics, carrier oils, a full range of aromatic hydrosols as well as tinctures and flower essences that we create from the plants and flowers we grow on our land. * You may go to the individual pages for these items to narrow the number of products per page.

Caution: Nature can heal as well as destroy. Be part of the healing by using wisdom and knowledge before indulging in any aromatic alchemy.

Pure, unadulterated and the finest quality we can find– a result of my sojourn into sourcing product and establishing relationships with providers of the highest integrity the world over. This is a soul apothecary for those who appreciate the distinction.

We work with the essence and sacred spirit of the plant. That is our passion. The Goddess Apothecary is dedicated to sharing the gifts of the Mother in her many forms. Period.

I trust that those who partake of these medicines of the earth will use them with great caution, intention and purpose as well as love, care and deep reverence.

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