I believe in the expression “Beauty is a necessity not a luxury”, and that the goal and sacred intention to aspire to is— to walk the path of beauty in all aspects of life.— Joan Clark

As such, I strive for there to be no separation between who I am, what I do, and the space in which I live and work.

My life has been an eclectic collection of experiences, each taking me to new levels of creativity. Even out of the stumbling and falling that can occur, I have, ultimately, grown to believe in the goodness and beauty in every experience on our path— those that “grow us” and those which “we grow”.

This website is an expression of some of these creative journeys. You will see how they continue to intertwine with each other much as vines in the forest. I hope you will explore, find things to inspire you along your own path, and please come back often!

A Note From Joan

joan clarkDo what you love, love what you do and put love into everything you do. Those would be my greatest words of inspiration to anyone.

I truly believe there is no greater gift that we can offer one another or give back to the universe, than to do what makes our hearts sing… and then bless the world with that. It does not matter what it is. Just do it and allow that joy that fills your soul to carry over into all areas of your life.

This website is full of what makes my heart sing– from teaching, developing products, traveling, creating art to having a private practice incorporating aromatic alchemy. I have been blessed to be able to do what I love and share it with others. Beauty is my guiding star and Gratitude keeps me on course.

I wish the same for you– and my desire for each of you is that you will be inspired by something on this website. That it will empower, assist and guide you to do what you love, love what you do and offer it to others with great joy and love in your heart.

Be Bold! Be Daring! Follow Your Bliss! And remember– once you find it– a little prayer of gratitude each day keeps it flowing.

Welcome to Joan Clark’s Palais Aromaetica! Enjoy!

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A Sampler of Class/Workshop/Retreat/Pilgrimage/Trip/Event Flyers:
2019 Nova Scotia Spiritual Retreat Goddess Mystery School Teachings (with Joan Clark) plus Golden Flame of Illumination Ascension (Finbarr Ross), Nova Scotia, Canada, (August 23-26, 2019).
2019 Ireland– Homecoming: an Anam Cara Pilgrimage Come home! In this love you are understood and nourished. (Sept. 13-24, 2019).
2020 Moon Goddess Winter Bliss Spa Retreat (Circle S Ranch, Lawrence, KS, Feb 21-23, 2020).
A Spiritual Journey to India (March 5-22, 2020). The magnificent beauty and mysticism of the Golden Triangle, Northern India and the Himalayas.
Scotland Pilgrimage 2020 Sacred Pilgrimage to Celtic Scotland, (Sept 15-28, 2019).

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Press Releases:
Media outlets are welcomed to reqest a complete press kit (hard copy or pdf). Please email joan@joanclark.com.
Press Release — Renowned Kansas Perfumer (May 21, 2019).
Press Release — Hi Goddess!– the essence of the work of Joan Clark (May 21, 2019).

Client History— inventory sheet to be printed, filled out and submitted by new treatment clients prior to session.
LunaBella Labyrinth Flyer
LunaBella Finger Labyrinth

Joan in the News

* Article– “Scent in Art and Scent as Art”, The International Journal of Professional Holistic Aromatherapy, Volume 11, Issue 1, Summer 2022, www.ijpha.com
Fragrant Notes Podcast with Valerie Benis– Episode 9, Aromatic Alchemy, November, ’21
— an intimate conversation on scent, healing, empowerment and more. Scroll down to episode 9– Aromatic Alchemy
* Better KC Morning Program with Belinda Post, Nov. 5, ’19— Joan guests in a compilation of 3 segments– creating a natural perfume, the Pet Alchemist natural petcare line and incorporating natural blends to get the most out of your workout.
* Programme for the Second Annual Mary Magdalene Conference (Limoges, France) July 22-26, ’18— with Joan Clark as leadoff speaker.
* Holly Stephey & Joan Clark, Path of Mary Magdalene & the Goddess Mystery School— interview on Red Velvet Media/Blogtalk radio (March ’14, approx. 2 hrs).
* Article– Natural products, aromatherapy help pets heal, relax— Topeka Capital-Journal (Aug ’12).
* Article– Couple create meditative labyrinth on property west of Lawrence— Lawrence Journal-World (July ’12).
* Article- Therapy That Smells GreatWhole Dog Journal (Dec. ’16), by CJ Puotinen.


Our highest compliments come in the form of feedback from our wonderful clientele. We are blessed to get to work with so many wonderful people, across the gamut of all of our products and services. Read More

Joan Clark has changed my life in ways that words cannot fully express. She has taught me what love is, helped me see who I really am, given me the courage to move away from a marriage that was toxic and stifling my growth, guided my way to my Holy path with Mary Magdalene, and welcomed me into a beautiful sacred sisterhood of Goddesses. She is Love in Action, and walks her talk daily, inspiring all of us to see the highest in everyone and everything, always. I am eternally grateful. –D


IMG_3364* Thank you for all your great work. I have interacted with lots of teachers/practitioners, etc., and I honestly feel that you have the highest integrity of anyone else I have worked with. You are straightforward, honest, aware of yourself and your limits, and not boastful or arrogant about your connection with Spirit. I am so grateful to be able to work with you. So thank you, thank you, thank you. –AH

* Since the first time I “wandered” (spirit led me) into Joan’s Aromatherapy class, I always knew I was in the right place. I had found my teacher and inspiration, and she continues to this day to show me new ways to be in the world as a woman, and as an individual in service to humanity. My heart swells with gratitude. –SF

IMG_3384* You have made such a huge impact you have no idea. I have built so many communities and touched hundreds of lives based on the teachings you passed down to me. I have absolutely loved your retreats and still use my journals as a reference. I want to acknowledge you for everything that you taught me and to have others be able to contact you and learn from you. –LS

* She is an incredible medicine woman with many years of knowledge from working with the plant medicine. In her teaching she shares willingly all her knowledge from a place within her heart. Joan encourages me that, “What I dream for myself I can achieve, and I am supported in all I do.” Thank you Joan for showing me how to continue to do my work from a place of creativity and commitment. “Anything we want…..We shall have.” –S.H.

IMG_3407* Many other classes I have taken were all about mind information. Joan puts that information into the body, into the place of feelings and soul. Instead of just talking about it she encourages us to create from that place— to create art, create aromatherapy, create poetry and most importantly, create our lives to serve our soul’s desire.

* Everything she touches becomes magical. –T.B.

* Joan, As we gather together in closing ceremony realizing the teachings have only just begun, we hold gratitude in our hearts for the amazing journey we each experienced because of your open heart and dedication to the divine feminine. Thank you for lighting the flame within each of us. We look forward to walking in the GMS teachings and spreading those teachings to the universe. With love, joy and compassion.” –NC, SR, MS

* I am loving this class so much!! Very powerful releases…and I’m learning SO much!! Thank you Goddess Joan!!! –AM


170321453208_0_ALB* Words can not express the gratitude I have today because of you. Thank you so much for supporting me emotionally and spiritually in my process of self-discovery. Thank you for all the love and guidance you have given me. It has given me new motivation to keep moving forward and finding the strength within me to achieve the amazing growth and abundance that I know I deserve. –MS

* Dear Joan, I have been wanting to write you since the day we left your beautiful home. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking such good care of [my family] and myself. We felt the experience with you was truly profound and life-shifting. You are such a warm and loving person with such a gift. Thank you Joan….for helping each one of us to me more whole, healthy and happy. –AF

* Hello Joan, I just wanted to let you know the past 2 days since I saw you on Tuesday have been wonderful!! I am really a new woman, and I owe it all to you. –TS

SilverHeartsCharmBracelet-E7FS0037* I just had to tell you that the healing was one of the most incredible things I have ever experienced. I am still physically vibrating to a degree, and in many ways the last few days are a blur. Joan, you are beyond words incredible and loving and I am eternally great-full that you both know your path and have chosen to walk it. –VN

* Dear Goddess Joan, You are phenomenal! And I am blessed to have had a healing session with you. I have not had any healing work by another practitioner for 2-3 years. I have been reticent to let anyone work on me energetically but I was impressed to have a session with you. Am I ever glad I listened to my intuition. And I might add that you have pretty much ruined me for any other healer. You are a tough act to match! The work we did together is priceless. The discovery of the grief and sorrow… and its release were powerful. I am so much lighter and happier — I had no idea that I was carrying that around. Thank you for all the work you do, for me and all the others like me. You are a treasure! –P


* We are drinking our water with your tinctures (and it is so refreshing and uplifting every day), and breathing in the joy and the calm. AF


* My chiropractor is great and muscle tests me for everything. He asked me to bring in all supplements, herbs and drugs I was taking – so I go into his office with twenty bottles of everything I had taken over the past six months. Out of all the bottles only one got his attention. What he said was, “This little blue bottle is the purest – what is it? Your body really likes it.” Then it said it is time to order more. I have always known I am in good hands with you, Joan, but this is better than great. Your talents are so outstanding and I feel very blessed to have you in my life and taking such good care of me. –DR

* Everyone MUST try Joan’s aromas – they are a mystical journey!” — TA

Magdalene/Goddess Mystery School Teachings

* Dear Joan, I feel you have been especially gifted with this knowledge, to assist in the activation of the Divine Feminine at this particular time in human history. GMS is part of the cure to human, spiritual sickness and malaise. Joan, your teachings allow us to find and experience joy in moments, where before, we could not see or feel it. Joy and happiness are as much our birthrights as are pain and suffering. We are growing towards joy, with your help. Love always. –DF

IAmGoddess* They help me bring a focus into my healing work. There is a synergy occurring within the teachings. I have been working with “forgiveness”, so I am constantly forgiving myself and others, which is opening my heart and beingness to presence and the other teachings. I find them to be truly helpful and I read the two emails you sent to me at least 3-4 times a week. –DS

21imageFranceGroup-IMG_3382* Your program is needed everywhere. Spread your light, the world will be better for it. I feel supported in the knowledge that our sacred circle spins on, and that it just gets, incredulously, better as the years go on. –DF

* Dearest Joan, All I can say is wow. I am so humbled and in awe of what we experienced at the GMS. Now I really do feel like a goddess – I did not before. I am still processing deeply, and reentry was and is interesting. My days have been overall peaceful, as I have remembered to invite my guides in every day and have gone to bed with them every night! The world looks and feels different, and I feel different in it. I have been asking our Mary to show me the ways my ego gets in the way, and how I can be more humble. I am getting that I need to also be working with GMS blend and tincture #2, Forgiveness – can you please send them it to me? I have been ruminating about a few things from our weekend and a lot from something that happened yesterday, and am really realizing how much time I spend in self-judgment. I am so grateful for who you are and how you share your gifts, the sacred teachings and so much of yourself. –DW

Prayer Shawls

* Dearest Goddess Joan, My shawl arrived today – it is the most beautiful and sacred thing I have received.  I wept when I put it around me.  I don’t want to take it off.  Thank you. You are so amazingly gifted.  The colors are totally me and I absolutely love it. And you. –DW

Pet Alchemist

MyTwoGirls copy* I just wanted to let you know that we are very pleased with your “Mellow Out Marjoram” for our Dewey G. During the evening hours he tends to get “silly” (bouncing on around and stealing socks from the hamper or garbage from a waste can). This is when we give him a misting and he now instead lays in our laps or in his dog bed and chews on a bone or sleeps. I have been so pleased that I passed your website information on to others who could benefit from a little calmer pet. Thank you again for bringing this wonderful, aromatic mist into our lives. –C&C

* Just received our order of Arf-itis. Bandit has been having problems with his balance and general motion. After massaging the oil into his joints and legs and along his back/spine, I noticed he acted more relaxed and he must have smelled good because his twin, Bogey was trying to lick him all over. I think we have promising results so far. Thanks again for everything. — B.C.

* Hannah is doing very well since I started using the oil. She seems not to be as stiff when she gets up from a nap… and she is definitely walking better. Today she actually trotted the short distance to the back door and walked steadily down the ramp into the yard… I massage her with the oil almost every night. The improvements have been gradual, but steady… hardly ready for a marathon, but she is perkier and walking better and happier. I couldn’t ask for more. Thanks for your wonderful oil! — P.N.


* Joan is incredible! It is an honor to meet such a powerful, loving goddess. She has an infectious, joyful energy that I just want to bottle up and take with me wherever I go. I feel her love, caring and sincere commitment to help us discover who we are – why we are here and how we can help others.

* She opened my up to an understanding of who I truly am and a sense of my journey greater than I could have ever imagined. She showed me my issues and taught me to focus on my inner goddess, to trust my intuition, get help, make positive changes and move on.

image018  image009  image014

* Joan has the ability to look into your heart as she grabs you by the hands and says, “you can do what ever your heart desires! You are a powerful woman capable of changing the world!” Every time I am with Joan I walk away feeling like I can move the stars! She has an amazing gift! And she makes every woman in the room feel that way. –M.H.

* Wow! What a powerful Retreat!! This was my 1st–but be assured it will not be my last. I talked, laughed and cried with the most positive and beautiful women ever. I look into a mirror now and I see the woman I am becoming, the woman I always was, but never knew—I SEE JOY! The fog has lifted, I can see the road again, I know where I am headed. As for Joan, she makes you believe with your heart and soul that anything you want, you can have!!! She is truly an Authentic Woman. The passion and creativity flows through everything she says and teaches. I’m so excited for my Authentic Sacred Adventure, and I’m so blessed to have a friend like Joan to share it with…Blessed Be! –P.A.

* I feel refreshed, renewed and ready to carry on. –D.F.

Sharyn0824-StonehengeGroupShot* With her everything began. I have learned so much from Joan over the years and I have incorporated it all into my work, giving it my own touch, to then pass it on to the world. When I am around Joan, I feel like anything is possible. There are answers for everything. Once in a while when I slip off my path, I email her with questions and her responses bring me back to center. She gives me hope and I wish I could be around her more. –T.B.

Sacred Travel

* “You will not find any tours or classes anywhere like Joan’s. And you will meet very few individuals as special. She simply carries a much higher intention; is always well- prepared; cares deeply and compassionately about intuitively managing the energy of the group; delivers so many special touches; and shares the most clear and evolved information masterfully and egolessly.

* “She has taken me so far… on the journey back to myself. I would follow her anywhere!”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Please scroll down for answers to your Frequently Asked Questions, arranged by category. Read More


JCGrasseSniffingStrip-E7FS6823What is Aromatherapy?
Aromatherapy is the skilled use of essential oils for awakening, healing and nurturing the body, mind and spirit.

Overview of Aromatherapy
Essential oils have been used throughout history for thousands of years by different cultures all over the world in a variety of different ways.

Modern day aromatherapy has taken the wisdom of the past and applied it to the needs and demands of the moment. It is now not only the healers, medicine men and women, shamans that are using plant spirit medicine to assist the ailments of their clients, family and friends… but psychologists, nurses, doctors, acupuncturists, artists, energy therapists, teachers, retail therapists, etc.

Aromatherapy has been used in every culture from Egypt to the present, and its efficacy is finally being proven, scientifically; in other words, science is beginning to catch up to what the intuitives and healers have long known.

What are Essential Oils?
Essential oils are:
* highly concentrated plant extracts that are found in the various parts of plants like the root, leaves, seeds, flowers, spices, resins, and woods.
* living organic matter. They contain energy, light, harmonic resonance, geometry, vibration, color, mathematic equations, wisdom and intelligence.
* the concentrated essences of the plant and are often referred to as the “soul” of the plant.
* part of the plant’s own immunes system and are said to contain the ”life force” of the plant from which it comes.

Essential oil contains aromatic molecules that have hundreds of different chemical constituents that have an impact on both the physical and subtle energies. They have been used for centuries to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

Essential oils are the most concentrated and potent of all plant extracts. They are said to be at least 75-100 times more concentrated than dried herbs. This is why it is important to understand how to apply and use essential oils with care and safety.

Grades of Essential Oils
Make sure when working with essential oils you know what grade of essential oil you are working with. Some common delineations are:

* Wild Harvested– gathered from their natural environment and taken to separate
facilities for processing.

* Organic– without pesticides. There are two types of organic: Certified and Non-
– Certified Organic means that a third party certifying agency has inspected and certified the source of the plant material and the distillery. The facility has to be certified for it to be labeled certified organic essential oil. If the distillery is not, the essential oil cannot be called “certified organic“ but it can still be labeled “organic“.
– Non-Certified Organic essential oil simply means that because of the high cost of certification, the oil has not been certified by a third party. It does not meant the quality of the product is not high quality, it just means they lack the official paper work of the third party.
* Conventionally grown oils have been grown with fertilizers, and pesticides have been
used on them. Large industrial scale operations are generally conventionally

Quality of Materials– Consider the Source
Donna-LotsOfProductAndStripsQuality is important when using essential oils for therapeutic purposes. There are many more essential oil companies out there from when I first started– so be aware of where you are buying your essential oils and products from, and purchase from a company you trust.

There are many terms that companies use– e.g., “pure“ and “unadulterated“– and there is not necessarily uniformity in definition from source to source. Seek out what these mean to the supplier you are considering.

You want an essential oil that has not been compromised with any fillers or carrier oils.

Synthetic Fragrances/Extenders
Certain essential oils do not exist in a natural state and so are only available as a synthetic; or, the essential oil itself is cost prohibitive and may be diluted/extended with either natural or synthetic, lab-created “fillers“ to bring the cost down.

How Do Essential Oils Work?
Essential oils work on all fields of consciousness and they can change and become malleable in their function. They work on a physical, energetic, emotional, psychological, cellular and spiritual levels. The healing effects of essential oils can be subtle or profound.

Because they are organic, live intelligent energy they can work more effectively when new viruses occur and new diseases present them selves.

Essential oils are not the healing agents alone: they are the bio-spiritual agents which promote the action of the body’s own healing system to engage and align.

According to Dr. Daniel Penoel, essential oils are matter, energy and information– something he has coined as the ”Aromatic Triad”.

WomensEssencesAdWomanInFieldUsing this aromatic triad can help one to realize the alchemical nature of essential oils and how they can not only enhance healing but also raise and shift consciousness.

Essential oils can provide assistance at many different levels– known and as yet suspected but not completely understood– to create harmony, wholeness, union and oneness. They instinctively know where their influence is needed and how best to provide that.

Everything in the universe vibrates. Every atom in the universe has a specific vibratory motion. Each motion has a frequency (number of oscillations per second) that can be measured in Hertz.

Pure essential oils have the highest frequencies of any measured natural substance. Nature is said to vibrate at the 528hz frequency which equates to ”Love and Miracles”, according to Dr. Leonard Horowitz.

There is a bio-frequency to each plant and oil– giving it its potential to raise energy, elevate consciousness, assist therapeutically and to align with the energy field of oneness.

How are they transported to the body?
Inhalation is one of the ways essential oils are transported to the systems. As one breathes in the aromatic fragrance it is carried to the lungs. It then enters into the blood stream. Breathing essential oils continuously over several hours is akin to taking an internal dose.

JCAskingAboutSpices-IMG_0539Through the skin. Essential oils pass quickly into the central nervous system and the liver and then slowly enter the muscle tissue and organs. One of the best areas of application for essential oils is the bottom of the foot. The foot is a highly penetrable area for essential oil to enter the body. Using the wisdom of foot reflexology one can also pinpoint on the foot what essential oil would be good to use for any condition that is out of balance. The scalp is also a good area for essential oil application.

Essential oils will last any where from 12 -24 hours in the body depending on application, concentration and where the oils were applied. After the essential oils enter the blood stream they are circulated to the tissues and organs. They pass into the lymphatic system and then are eliminated through normal bodily functions.

As we know– the power of scent can also create and restore memory and memories. The fragrance of an essential oil can leave an impression for life times.

What are Carrier (also known as Base) Oils?
Vegetable oils are the most familiar carriers used in aromatherapy. They allow the very small molecules of essential oils to spread over a larger area of skin and also prevent too much of the essential oil to penetrate the skin.

Unlike essential oils, vegetable oils are greasy and come under the heading of ”fixed” oils, which do not evaporate, can leave oil marks on clothing, bedding etc.

JoanClark_LoveScents_Mens4x6 copy copyVegetable oils can be extracted from nuts or seeds, and each carrier oil has specific beneficial effects on bodily health– as they contain vitamins, minerals and therapeutic fatty acids in varying degrees.

The ideal carrier oils for aromatherapy should be cold pressed, organic and grown without pesticides.

Certain carriers are far better for essential oils than others. Jojoba, nut oils and avocado oils are generally not used on their own due to their weight and sometime costs–but are use with other oils in small quantities so their skin-nourishing properties can be taken advantage of.

The stability of carrier oils depends on its fatty acid content: those high in saturated fatty acids are more stable than those high in unsaturated fatty acids. Stability also depends on the vitamin E content: those vegetable oils containing both SFA’s and vitamin E have a longer shelf life.

The carrier oil is important when creating essential oil products since they are 90-95 percent of the blend and contribute to the healing effect which the blend is being created for.

Macerated (aka Infused) Carrier Oils
Macerated or Infused carrier oils are a combination of plant material that is infused into a vegetable oil so the properties of the plants can be used for its benefits to the skin or for certain conditions.

Examples of Carrier/Base Oils
Almond oil, apricot kernel oil, avocado, borage, calendula, calophyllum inophyllum, camellia oil, carrot, coconut, evening primrose, grapeseed oil, hazelnut oil, st. john’s wort (hypericum), jojoba, lime blossom, macadamia, melissa, mullein, neem, olive oil, peach kernel oil, peanut oil, rose hip oil, safflower oil, sesame oil, soya bean oil, sunflower oil, wheatgerm oil, castor oil, arragon, etc.

What is an Aromatic Synergy?
Aromatic synergies are pure essential oil combinations that are highly concentrated plant spirit medicine. A synergy is a blend of two or more essential oils where the combined effect is more powerful than that of the individual oil.

A synergy produces a form of alchemy where properties come together to create a higher form of energy.

What are the Aroma*Essentials Synergies?
PerfumeOrgan-E7FS1272The Aroma*Essentials Synergies are combinations of different essential oils that work together in harmony to provide the best possible support and assistance for the symptom(s)/condition(s) for which it is being used.

The Aroma*Essentials Synergies are pure essential oils combinations that are highly concentrated plants spirit medicine. They are nature’ s alchemy in a bottle and can be used for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing..

What Makes Aroma*Essentials Different?
We are a spiritual/therapeutic line of aromatic synergies. That was the intention in creating this line. We work with the E7FS1835synergies as bridges to linking the spiritual and physical energies back into the perfect alignment for body/soul/spiritual oneness. We look for the cause of separation that has occurred, first between the spirit/soul and the body, then allow the synergies to assist the energy to move back into wholeness.

What is the Aroma*Essentials SynergyTraining?
The Aroma*Essentials Training is an in-depth study into the safe and effective use of Joan Clark’s Aroma*Essentials.

The Aroma*Essentials Training will introduce you to a variety of different aromatic synergies and how to safely and effectively use them in a myriad of different ways.

The Aroma*Essentials Training will not only address the physical symptoms and conditions listed for each synergy but also look at the energetic, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects that contribute to the health of the body, mind and spirit

Services– Treatments, Mentoring, Coaching, etc.

More to come.


Much of what you might wish to know about the logistics of classes, workshops, retreats, tours, trips, retreats, etc. can be answered via specific sections about a given event and/or posted downloadable flyers, both accessed through the Education/Travel page; as well as the Terms and Conditions and Liability Waiver pages.

What is the Goddess Mystery School (GMS), what are its teachings, etc,?
The Goddess Mystery School of Mary Magdalene is an in-depth study of the seven spiritual virtues to the path of Love. The mystical and personal realization of the alchemy of each of the teachings is the goal of Mary Magdalene’s Goddess Mystery School as received by Joan Clark.

The alchemical transformation of each person is revealed through the Magdalene herself as the teachings are incorporated into a daily spiritual practice. The truth contained in each of the teachings begins to awaken the heart, soul and spirit of those who desire to walk the path of Love with her.

The Goddess Mystery School teachings are supported by sacred scents and aromatic elixirs created for each teaching by Joan Clark.

This can be deeply personal and transformational work. A willingness to allow your past to come up to be healed, in a safe environment, should be considered a requirement. There is nothing which Love cannot heal. — JC. We are all just walking each other home. — Ram Dass.

What is the difference between a pilgrimage and a tour?
While most of your work with me might be considered deeper or more personal, on the way to support and empowerment of you in alignment with the highest good of your soul… any trip or event described or positioned a a pilgrimage would have the potential to take one deeper and possibly stir up things which may have simmered below the surface.

A pilgrimage would be suited to those being called to awaken, ascend or simply listen to the voice within: a soul-calling and spiritual journey to increase intention and devotion, in the name of healing and service, by way of deep, sometimes intense, spiritual work. A pilgrimage would generally include individual, as well as group rituals, gatherings and ceremonies, in which it would be important for everyone to participate. Those looking for a recreational, sightseeing-only type tour would be encouraged to enjoy a specific area on a tour by other means. Travel, in general, has the ability to shake things loose in us: look to a pilgrimage to do that in spades.

Otherwise– more to come.


I am very grateful to the following people for their contributions to this website: Greg Barry for his technical expertise in implementing so much of the foundational aspects of this site– template, plug-ins, coding, shopping cart, etc.; Sonia Rodriguez-Hurtado for her beautiful eye for graphic design which allowed the vision to coalesce; Sharyn Hankins (photographybysharyn.com), Donna Whyte, Daphneleah Schneider and Marie Commiskey (avalonphotography.com) for sharing various photographic images.