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  • Joan Clark's Mary Magdalene Daily Devotional

    Mary Magdalene Daily Devotional book by Joan Clark

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    Mary Magdalene Daily Devotional book by Joan Clark

    [She is here! A beautiful keepsake Mary Magdalene book– a daily devotional– you will immediately come to treasure. Order your Signed First Edition copy now! If you desire a signed copy– once you complete your order, please leave an email at joan@joanclark.com and we will add a notation to your order.]

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    The first daily devotional which has been dedicated to Mary Magdalene. Joan Clark has managed to transmit and share the teachings of Mary Magdalene in a unique and easy format for anyone to understand and connect with. This channeled wisdom will inspire and help one to discover the power of a daily spiritual practice.

    “I have come to awaken your heart to the power of love.”  — MM

    “The Mary Magdalene Devotional is my favorite way to start each day. It helps me to keep focused on living
    a positive life style. It keeps my heart opened and my spirit inspired.”

    “I love the journal section of the devotional. It allows me to take time for myself to be quiet and to meditate with
    the inspirational message that is given each day.”

    “This devotional is the perfect gift for a more intimate relationship with oneself and the perfect gift for those you

    “Those who are inspired by the life and teachings of Mary Magdalene will love this devotional.”

    For those who are ready to empower the divine feminine voice that was the faithful and loyal disciple of Jesus,
    this is a must-have devotional.

    This book is the culmination of a body of my work of these last many years and the first release in a series of Mary Magdalene work on its way to print. It is part of a complement which includes: * the Goddess Mystery School Teachings classes and workshops, * Pilgrimages/Travel to sacred sites around the globe, * Writings, * a line of Sacred Scent– the Magdalene Collection— to assist the wisdom of these teachings to deepen, expand, anoint. This work grows day by day.

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