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  • Sophia Rose & the Golden Light

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    Sophia Rose & the Golden Light

    A fable for all ages.

    Eight-year-old Sophia Rose is very sad and hasn’t wanted to go to school lately. Normally the most outgoing student in Mrs. Prophet’s classroom, she is worried and doesn’t know how to fix a heaviness at home. But today the teacher has in mind a lesson that can change everything– a day in nature’s classroom and the way toward accessing the Golden Light– of Love– within the hearts of each of the children.

    Come along as Sophia, dog Coco and her mother… classmates Maximus, Isabella, Oliver, Lily, Francois, Monica, Gracie, and the rest… and their amazing teacher Mrs. Prophet… discover and unveil more of the super power of the Golden Light.

    “We all have the gift of divine love that was placed within us — a Golden Light.
    It is an energy, a feeling, a tool we can access, work with and grow.
    And it can create miracles as we connect with it and share it with others.”

    Sophia Rose is a significant work which honors the heart-wisdom within each of us, enforces our connection to nature, one another and all things, and truly shares many insights and gemstones within it, which will cement it as a classic to be passed down from generation to generation.