Joan Clark Glastonbury 2024 Registration Page

Mystical, Mythical, Spiritual Glastonbury – a voyage into the heart and spirit of
the Mystery School of Avalon.

It was 13 years ago that we were called to gather in Glastonbury and work with the Mystery School
Teachings of the Goddess. And now it is time to return.

We will immerse ourselves in the sacred waters at Chalice Well and sit in the Temple where we
gathered many moons ago. These are but a few of the things we will experience on this journey to
Glastonbury, England.

This sacred journey to the land of Avalon will focus on opening up to the sacred dream that is
calling you: the divine dream that has been waiting for you, which is now ready for you to manifest.

Come join us for a holy journey to the land which was once called Avalon, and which lives between
time and space. Here we will be allowed to focus on the remembering of the Goddess traditions
where magic, alchemy, mystery, imagination, creativity and sacred wise women teachings were
empowered, cherished, respected and honored.

Dates: March 21st-31st, 2024
Cost: $3900.00
Balance to be paid in full by: Jan 5, 2024
Cancellation policy: Cancellations made 45 days prior to departure (Nov 15, 2023) will receive a 50% refund of amount paid, not including deposit. No refunds will be made on later cancellations.

Please see, and scroll down to Current Schedule, for more details and to download full-color flyer.


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  4. Single Supplement– should you wish to room alone, there are often a small number of single rooms available at some or all of the venues at which we shall be staying. We will do our best to inform you of the number of these, and at which locations they apply. We will also do our best to remove the Single Supplement option as these slots have been claimed. Occasionally lodging arrangements at a given venue might be changed by the venue after such a booking and the number of single rooms might decrease; should such an out-of-our-control situation arise, you will be advised as soon as possible (by last single supplement booked and moving in reverse chronology), you will be paired with another participant, and a refund shall be given on any single supplement fee paid. No other monetary consideration shall apply. Otherwise– once booked/purchased, a single-supplement fee shall be considered non-refundable. Please see Terms and Conditions and Liability Waiver for more on these and similar conditions/exceptions.
  5. Notes:There is a cancellation cut-off date for every event, where lack of enough participants to justify the event might cause us to cancel it. Cancellation cut-off date for this event is: Dec 15, 2022. In such a case that an event is cancelled all monies paid us shall be reimbursed. **Make sure you have travel insurance if you book your flight before the trip cut-off date; travel expenses shall not be reimbursed.

Payment in full is due approx. 90 days prior to event. Final Payment Date for this event: Jan 5, 2024.

Deposit– $500.00 (due by Nov 1, 2023).

Full Price Minus Deposit– $3400.00 (due by Jan 5, 2024).

Full Price– $3900.00 (due by Jan 5, 2024).

Payment in full is due prior to event. Final Payment Date for this event: Jan 5, 2024.

Deposit– $500.00 (due by Nov 1, 2023).

Full Price Minus Deposit– $3400.00 (due by Jan 5, 2024.

Full Price– $3900 (due by Jan 5, 2024).