You are the Change We Are Waiting For

I am not afraid.
I was born to do this.
― Joan of Arc

Recently a friend of mine sent me a book on Joan of Arc and a notebook that had the above quote from her on it. It spoke deeply to my heart. It was the perfect message for me and I believe for most of us right now.

Times are changing. Life as we have known it is shifting and yet deep inside all of us we know on some level we have been waiting for this. It is part of our individual and collective destiny. We chose to be here now and to rise up together so a new world could be birthed. One that unites and stands up for what is right, decent and just for all.

We know at the core of our being that we can no longer be silent bystanders. We are here to be the change. We are here to take action according to the passions and truths that lie within the unified heart that connects us all.

We are being groomed to move into this new world we are co-creating with mindfulness that reflects a consciousness of peace, love, compassion and understanding. We create the change by standing together and proclaiming justice for all –so we can eliminate the injustices that have kept us separate and not in sacred unity.

How do we do this?

We do this by loving our neighbor as much as we love ourselves. We do this by holding each other during difficult moments and being sacred witnesses for those who need help. We do this by showing up for those who are less strong and less able to do so. We do this by sharing our bounty with one another.

Perhaps in the future we may have to share our homes, our food, and our supplies with each other. Will we step up or will we step back? Time will tell and I believe the answer will be – YES! – I got this.

The mirror is up. What will we stand for? How will we show up in the worst of times, in order to facilitate the shift of those hopefully to more of the best of times for all?

It is our time not to be afraid to raise our voices, and to stand up for one another as we traverse through these important, critical changes that are asking us to be a present witness as we forge this new world together.


* Am I willing to be my brother’s keeper– to share my bounty, to want for others what I desire for myself?

* Have I erased the separation within me so I can be a part of the unified oneness that is essential for change to come forth?

* Am I the peace, love, forgiveness, joy, light and understanding in the now?

* Am I willing to be brave enough to speak up for those less fortunate, to pave a new way for unconditional love to flow through me?

* Am I willing to be the affirmative prayer for myself, my brothers, sisters and my country?

What will we need to keep us inspired to stand in this place of empowerment? I believe we can abide in the words of Joan of Arc — Be not afraid. I (WE) have come to do this.

In the upcoming months we will undergo great change. Be prepared. Take time to pray for one another and with one another. Breathe, meditate, be in service, take care of and boost your body, your spirit, your soul. Use your natural tools. Your strength, health, clarity are needed.

Live life one aromatic drop at a time. One holy and sacred breath at time. We will endure, we will get through this, we will prevail. For it is written.

So Be It.

Aromatic Blessings of Peace be upon you,