2018: Standing on Higher Ground

A Blessed 2018 to each of you!

I am excited about 2018. Mostly because last year was a real wake-up call for me, and I believe it is fair to say many of us. I know I have had to step back and learn how to really breathe and let go. Let go of judgment, expectation and the way I have been taught things should look, be and unfold.

I have come to terms with the expression– let go and let Spirit. Let go and let Spirit! Trust in the higher plan. Trust that this too shall pass. Trust that everything is in divine right order.

I am doing my best. I think we all are. So, my hope for 2018 is that as I am letting go and trusting a higher power to pave the way forward for us with grace and safety, that others who are of like mind and spirit are as-well. In that knowing I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. I can see the process of release happening and what I am finding out is this: I have more time for the things I love. I have more freedom because I am letting go of attachment to things I have no control over; and it is glorious.

It is why this year– instead of writing New Years resolutions– I wrote up a list of things that made me happy and things I loved to do. I made a commitment to myself to do more of them this year, now that I have time to do them. Now that I am not micro-managing things– that were and have always been out of my control anyway.

So this new year I am going to play more, create more beauty, dance, sing, and travel more. I am going to be around people I love more. I am going to relax and read a book and sip tea and take long aromatic baths. I am not going to fret over what I think I should want and be doing but be fully present in where I am at and give thanks where I am.

I am going to trust that while I am having all this fun, that everything is in divine right order and when I am called to step up, I will. But until then it is up to me to create anew. I am the change in my own life.

This year at Joan Clark’s Palais Aromaetica we, too, are going to embrace our gratefulness even more that we get to play in the lab, create new fragrances, travel, teach classes and workshops on topics that we love and that set our hearts on fire with passion.

We are going to realize the importance of union and connection in a more deep and powerful way and we are going to allow the gifts of the Mother to help us trust– that with each drop, with each moment we are being blessed with our work… that we are blessing others as well.

We hope you will join us. That you will let go, let Spirit and spend more time doing the things that make you happy. Like indulging in a beautiful aromatic bath, traveling to another country, taking a workshop that you have always wanted to take or just gather with women that bring your heart peace. THIS– is our spiritual work moving into the future

We look forward to being there for you and with you.

WE are co-creating this new aromatic lifestyle together.

Here’s to a Magical 2018!
Aromatic Blessings!