Medicine Women Rise!

Medicine Women–

I write this to you as a warning to not let the fear that has begun to be spread and surround our work affect you from using with wisdom, care and knowledge our tools– that are the plant spirits.

Joan Clark Blog Medicine Women Rise!The fear that is being injected into today’s news is directly because of large multi-level marketing companies looking only for financial gain, and recklessly not training their “distributors”. Their practices are disturbing and causing separation and actual (yet easily preventable) harm: once again putting our work under undue scrutiny which may take away our freedom to heal with the plants.

These companies and their affiliate sales forces have not invested time nor felt it was needed to offer full educational certification and training in the use of plant spirit medicine. The quality of their mass-produced quantities of oils are suspect. They have placed their value, time and energy in building financial pyramids but have not built educational foundations to support them. This is irresponsible.

We are at a critical moment in our work as Medicine Women. We are being asked to rise up and be accountable for protecting what is ours and what we have come to do as healers, visionaries, modern day mystics and plant spirit alchemists… as opposed to salespeople hawking what they believe to be the next catchphrase or fad!

No one has the right to tell us what we can plant and how we can use it– when done with reverence, wisdom and knowledge. No one has the right to take from us a living based in integrity and commitment to the oath that we take from the moment we place our hands on the earth and we begin our long intimate journey with the plants that only desire to offer wholeness and health– to Do No Harm. And we must prevent such from occurring.

Every one of you in this group has the common sense, and the educational training to know that when used with respect, knowledge and wisdom the plants of the Mother are here to help heal us in so many beautiful ways.

Training, education, and a deep reverence in how to use the plants (be they essential oils, herbs, tinctures, etc.) is what is lacking in this new industry that has been created. These companies are saying to the masses, “Do this and you can make money. Not because it is your path, your sacred work, but because you can come take a 2 day class, and go on to sell customers a kit that you can make money from.”

This is not the path of the Medicine Woman, Healer, Teacher, Visionary. Ours has been the way of a lifetime of the accumulation of wisdom. What if we had people peddling other careers, promising, “Come on and get your law degree or MD p.d. quick, and become that lawyer or doctor”? What kind of havoc would that create?

We have seen case after case where poor education and the lack of understanding of the chemistry of the plants have done harm; and the results have been truly unfortunate. Those that have been harmed are speaking out against the use of plant spirit medicines. All this is avoidable. We know that the plants can cause harm when not fully understood and applied responsibly.

There is a state of emergency unfolding with all the harm being done and it is causing much chaos and scrutiny in our industry– which may eventually lead to restrictions and perhaps even the legislated absence of our tools.

Therefore we are being called to be adamant about proper educational training and raising awareness to the multi-level marketing schemes that promote the bottom line but do nothing to fully educate those whom they entice to enroll in their company.

It was not so very long ago that women who worked with the plants and made healing balms, who listened to their intuitive voice and healed the sick were chastised, harmed, killed or sent into hiding because of outside forces projecting fear and accusing these women of doing harm. We do not want to go backwards to times where we had to hide this hallowed work.

And so we must search our hearts and souls and truly define the purpose of our work with the plants.
For they are precious gifts and are to be used with care, integrity, wisdom and knowledge.
Be mindful. Do no harm. Ask questions if you do not know something, Use our motto of one drop at a time: do not use directly on skin unless diluted in a safe carrier oil and do not take essential oils internally.

Further– distance and distinguish yourselves from those who don’t know, and don’t even know that they don’t know:

  • We administer– with love and wisdom– plant spirit energies that have been used for centuries to balance the body, mind, soul and spirit.
  • We are Medicine Women and we will not allow fear, greed, or mistruths to control our knowing and our work.
  • We shall never sacrifice quality of tried-and-tested all-natural ingredients in the name of cutting corners for gain.
  • We exercise these ways as our spiritual/religious freedom– claiming our personal power, expression and choice to do so.

Please do not be afraid of the plants and using them… wisely! Bless them, and allow them to guide you; and when in doubt, seek advice.

Let us place our work in the hands of the Goddess and may those energies that are not in alignment with the highest be released so no harm can be done.

We are called to be the spokespersons for the plants
and we must not let the fear that is rising up cloud our knowing
of what is capable–
when the power and integrity of the true Medicine Woman
meets the alchemy and power of the plants,
to benefit humanity
and bring health and wholeness to the body, mind, soul and spirit.
For this I stand–

I am a Medicine Woman. The plants are my sacred tools. And I will protect my rights to use them for the good of all, and to do no harm.