In Honor of You– the Connoisseur

Welcome to my home of scent, specially crafted from the yields of the world’s best fields– for you who have been cultivated to appreciate the sacred palette lovingly and magically captured within each blend of every one of my lines and collections.

As Nature reveals so many nuanced layers of expression, in proportion to the mindful communion devoted to Her; so a perfume must reveal itself in the same way. Each scent has a story to tell if one will take the time to indulge in its full expression. So few do, but this is why you have come.

As with so many other classic works whose depths have not been fathomed, too many perfumes have been evaluated and discarded on the initial inhale, by those lacking the breadth or sophistication to wade deeper. This is why most perfumes have such short shelf-lives. Their complexity is not savored upon first meeting in a manner which allows their secrets and the wisdom of their composition to unfold, their stories to be told.

JCProductOnOrgan-E7FS1318-BlogFor me each great fragrance, each creative design has a message. It is a holy encounter of all the elements which have melded together to create a form greater than the sum of their individual parts.

Each ingredient– a muse from its corner of the world– meets the others; and together they join to create something grander and more powerful for the lucky person drawn to it and savvy enough to remain present for the revelation. For this reason I work only with natural products, sourced via relationships with growers of the highest integrity.

Many times the fragrance floating around in my mindscape comes from working in the garden or my art studio or out of my travels throughout the world. I create for the pure bliss of creating and I share these creations with clients, friends, family– anyone who happens to appreciate a whiff of mystery.

I create fragrance because my spirit has to be connected to nature. I create because I must.

As a writer must write, a singer must sing, a dancer must dance, a painter must paint—a perfumer must create fragrance. These are the sensory tales I tell, the webs I weave. These are my creative expressions of soul and spirit merging into matter. Here I attempt to honor the gifts of my passion– which in turn hope to inspire you onto such honoring of your own expressions– such that we each may give back to the universe, in gratitude. And so on, and so on, working under the intention of elevating our world to divine stature.

Sure you can find cheaper oils and blends from mass-marketed companies or individuals comfortable with cutting corners. What I hope you will find here are products birthed from love, intention and experience that make Palais Aromaetica one of your first choices when looking for integrity, design, purity and originality.

I invite you to wander through this temple of creative artistry. My hope is that you get a taste of the magnificent beauty available here, as well as of the art and pleasure of designing, donning and spreading aromatic alchemy throughout the corners of your world.