Aroma*Woman, Where Are You?!

Joan Clark Blog Aroma*Woman Where Are You?How many times have you stood in front of the mirror after spending hours in your closet trying to find the perfect outfit just to find yourself un-dressing and starting over? Taking off those big new earrings that you bought because you don’t want to draw attention to yourself?

Growing up… one of my favorite moments of the day was watching my mother wander from drawer to drawer and from outfit to outfit trying to decide how she wanted to express herself that day.

My mother loved the art of dressing her body. Depending on her mood, where she was going and whom she would be seeing– all was part of the process. In her mind she was set to be the focal point of the gathering– not unlike an art piece in a museum. She wanted to be lavished and anointed with praise, to be devoured and appreciated and honored for her unique style, beauty and sense of panache. As just one component of her individuality and essence.

She loved spending hours primping and making sure her clothes were meticulously cared for, from a place of loving attention and pride. From her shoes, purse, gloves to her under garments. All were coordinated and went with the outfit for the day, occasion or intimate moments of which she would be a part.

So many of us spend endless amounts of time, energy and money on trying to find that look, that style that will be uniquely our own; and then when we do, we find ourselves staring in the mirror and wondering if it feels safe to fully express ourselves in such a creative way.

What will others think? Will they make fun of us, shame us, and make us feel uncomfortable? What, in this day and age, is appropriate?

How often have you gotten ready– felt really great about how you look– and had someone ask, “That’s what you are going to wear?” Causing you take another look in the mirror and question yourself. Is it too much, too large, too sparkly? Then witness as you begin to feel uncomfortable and watch your confidence and attitude plummet?

The next thing you find yourself doing is removing that new red lipstick you wanted to start wearing, taking off the low-cut shirt that you feel may now be a little too revealing, or removing those fabulous new earrings you purchased because you wanted to tailor a more bohemian presence to your look for the evening.

You know the silent inner conversation that begins to take form with yourself– “Is wearing this going to draw too much attention? I am not sure I want this kind of recognition. What if it makes me feel insecure, embarrassed, or worse, someone shames me? What if my sense of style is really off and what I think look goods causes others make fun of me?”

The ruminations escalate into the worst-case scenario and here you step back from your heightened sense of self and power and revert to the old status quo– which is safe.

The pattern for so many of us is to then defer those insecurities– back to familiar feelings of not wanting to own our own beauty, power, creativity; our own authentic style, passion and voice. And this becomes part of our continuing shame.

Or on a deeper level it may be we don’t really feel safe in the world. We may not know how to handle the stares, compliments, comments, and flirtations that can come along with being noticed and standing out in a crowd.

In a world where we as women are being asked to own our power, beauty, creativity, intellect as well as our ability to be financially prosperous, it is imperative that when we stand in front of that mirror and embrace what we see before us.

As we are claim our part in the new uprising of the divine feminine, we become each other’s Wonder Woman– mirroring to each other powerful visuals of warrior-priestesses proudly and powerfully shining our own unique gifts, talents and abilities.

I believe these changing times are about being willing to accept, relish and enjoy our selves fully: embodying our unique essence in all ways which serves the Goddesses that we are

What would it feel like to own and become the leading ladies of our own lives and to have written in herstory that we were queens of our destiny?

The complete Aroma*Woman line, and specifically our signature Aroma*Woman and Aroma*Power offerings, are fragrances which have been created just for those moments when we– as women– may not feel the confidence or courage to stand in that power… and need just an added bit of support to do so.

These synergies are powerful, organic alchemical messengers that whisper, “Go for it, shine, stand up, be seen, share your uniqueness, beauty, your magnetic essence.”

It has been documented and we know intuitively that scent creates memories and can serve as a powerful energetic affirmation– communicating to and anointing our consciousness; shape-shifting how we feel and experience what is happening around us. Natural fragrances can help us move more fully into the magnificence that we have come to infuse into the world.

What greater gift can we give ourselves than to harness the confidence and fortitude to feel safe in our lives– free in own bodies and to express our full feminine presence?

My mother had no problem with this. I guess she may on some level have been the Wonder Woman of her own life. She was truly empowered in her own authentic femininity. She loved being worshiped and relished in that subtle power that fed her spirit.

As the young women in this generation are being initiated into the new female archetypes of the 21st century it is up to us to exemplify those characteristics they are working toward embodying: women who acknowledge both their warrior side as well as the feminine side. Women fully confident in their skills and abilities and who can rise up and be equal to any man and challenge that comes their way.

The next time you stand in front of the mirror and consider taking something off because it just may cause a little too much attention; when feeling you would like to add a little pizzazz to your look, and sensing a bit of fear rising up due to this unfamiliar sense of personal empowerment… I encourage you to go for it!

Think about the varied role models of the day. There are no outlines or rules you have to attend to. No one you have to apologize to for wanting to strike a different pose. No fears that you have to surrender to in deference to your desire to allow your own creative, authentic self to be fully recognized.

The common exemplary quality of those who serve as our heroines is– a quiet confidence which emanates from she who knows herself.

It’s time to not only be bold, outlandish, and step it up a notch… it is also the time to shine as brightly as possible. Tough times require this.

Walk firmly and proudly, and spread a little of your feminine authority, beauty, poise, and presence around!

And just in case you need a little back up—place those hands on your hips, call forth your inner AROMA*WOMAN– put a drop or two of your Aroma*Power synergy in the diffuser, anoint yourself with the shield which is your Aroma*Woman fragrance, and fully embrace the Goddess that you are.

The world needs you… Aroma*Woman!