Magdalene News for one and all– Joan Clark to present at Second Annual Mary Magdalene Studies Association Conference, Limoges, Frances, July 22nd-26th

I am delighted to announce that I will be presenting my work with the Goddess Mystery School Teachings Of Mary Magdalene (GMS)™ as leadoff presenter at the Second Annual Mary Magdalene Studies Association Conference in Limoges, France, July 22nd-26th.

The program includes esteemed presenters from different walks of life– sharing their work, research and intimate findings– some of whom I have wanted to sit and listen to and now have the honor to do so.

The goal of this conference is to gather with others who have been touched by the presence of Mary Magdalene and to share our own personal and professional work with her and her role in the 21st century.

The amazing part of this conference is that it will be a moving conference– as we travel to different sacred sites to take part not only in presentations but also engage in rituals, ceremonies and anointings while experiencing the energy of Mary Magdalene.

We will explore the land of the Cathars, Montsegur, Alet les Bain, Rennes les Chateau, and the Carcassonne area– all places where Mary Magdalene and her followers continued, and continue, the work of their beloved Yeshua.

Since 2003 I have been devoted to following the path of Mary Magdalene and have had the great honor to channel and develop The Goddess Mystery School Teachings of Mary Magdalene (GMS)™. This work is complemented by my Mary Magdalene Perfume Essences™ line– a private collection of signature fragrances/anointing oils of my own creation, intended to take the work to deeper levels. I have been fortunate to share and teach this body of work with many other people across the United States and abroad. It has been my passion and mission for the last 20 plus years. I have been extremely blessed to be able to create community with others who are on the same path, some who are just beginning their journey with the divine feminine essence through the archetype of Mary Magdalene.

Upcoming Releases: I have recently completed The Mary Magdalene Daily Devotional© and The Goddess Mystery School Teaching Workbook©, part of the above-mentioned year-long GMS study/certification program. Both of these look to be publicly available in print beginning in January, 2019. And I am putting final touches on the tale of my personal journey of 20+ years with Mary Magdalene– entitled In Her Name©.

It brings my heart great joy to be able to share this work with others devoted to the awakening of the divine feminine through the face, voice and work of our divine Mary Magdalene at this conference.

If you are interested in hosting a Magdalene gathering/workshop in your area, please contact me.>/em> I believe it is time for Her work to come alive within us all. She is the Goddess of the 21st Century. She is awakening. She is rising. She is here.

Please Click Here to download a pdf of the Conference Programme!